A. S. Rashed

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Natural surface waters contain particulates of organic and inorganic origin. Inorganic particulate constituents, including clay, silt, and mineral oxides. Organic particulates include algae, bacteria, and fine colloidal and dissolved organic constituents such as humic acids, and fulvic acids. This study focuses on the coagulation, flocculation, and(More)
This paper describes a part of a larger supervision system able to monitor the on-state voltage V<sub>CE</sub> and the junction temperature T<sub>J</sub> of IGBT in operation. That system is associated to an ageing test bench stressing IGBT modules by power cycling. All along the ageing test, it is necessary to supervise V<sub>CE</sub>, always measured in(More)
Natural organic matter, (NOM) is the term used to describe the complex matrix of organics originating from natural sources that are present in all water bodies. Effective removal of turbidity and soluble natural organic matter from water could be achieved by micro-floc formation process (coagulation) and macro-floc development (flocculation). These(More)
Chemical pre-precipitation becomes one of the best options of chemical treatment of sewage. In the present study, chemical pre-precipitation was processed via swirl flow hydraulic clari-flocculators, which were investigated using the steady state analysis versus the simulation using of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for the optimal model(More)
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