A.S. Ramkumar

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The quadratic assignment problems (QAPs) are the problem of assigning 'n' facilities to 'n' locations so that the assignment cost is minimized, where the cost is defined by a quadratic function. In this paper we investigate and present the application of population based hybrid ant-colony system (PHAS) metaheuristic for solving machine (facility) layout(More)
This paper presents a Hopfield neural network approach for the problem of scheduling n jobs in a single machine to minimize total weighted tardiness. A binary encoding scheme is introduced to represent the solutions, together with a heuristic to decode. A 10-job problem is solved by sequencing the job using different methods viz. weighted shortest(More)
In this paper layout design in flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs) is addressed. Optimal design of the physical layout is one of the most important issues that must be solved in early stages of the FMS design. For FMSs, the layout design is even more crucial than in conventional manufacturing systems. Developing a machine layout is an important step in(More)
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