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Consensus cis-acting DNA sequences upstream of the immediate early (IE) gene of equid herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1, strain Ab4) were identified. One copy of the conserved motif TAATGARATTC, which is the binding site for the host cellular factor Oct-1 and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) virion protein, VmW65, complex, was identified at positions -630 to(More)
IL-2 and equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) initiated reactivation of equid herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) from venous lymphocytes at a frequency of 1/10(-5). Indirect immunofluorescence showed that > 80% of virus-positive leukocytes were CD5+/CD8+ with the remaining 20% being CD5+/CD8-/CD4-. Cocultivation demonstrated that the reactivated virus was infectious. In(More)
Unstable periodic orbits occur naturally in many nonlinear dynamical systems. They can generally not be be observed directly, but a number of control schemes have been suggested to stabilize them. One such scheme is that by Pyragas [35,36,40], which uses time-delayed feedback to target a specific unstable periodic orbit of a given period and stabilize it.(More)
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