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The authors describe their first experience with using less invasive laparoscopic methods in patients with tumors of the rectum and the colon. Twelve operative interventions were performed. The method and technique of endovideosurgical operations on the colon are described. The intraoperative and postoperative complications are analyzed. The authors not(More)
The results of treating 29 patients with Mirizzi syndrome are analyzed: 17 patients underwent traditional surgery, 11 patients--laparoscopic procedures, and endoscopic sphincterotomy with nasobiliary drainage was performed in a type I patient. Laparoscopic operations were performed in patients with types I and II syndrome, patients with types III and IV had(More)
Creating of the universal doctrine of the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease is one of the main problems of theoretical and practical gastroenterology. From the standpoint of modern concepts of the pathogenesis of GERD, the variety of its clinical manifestations detail the pros and cons of its pharmacological influence and antireflux surgery.(More)
The results of examination and surgical treatment of 298 patients with chronic pancreatitis and the original morphological investigations of material of the pancreas were studied. The data allowed the detection of additional criteria features of inclusion of the patients with chronic pancreatitis to be made in groups according to foreign Marseilles-Roman(More)
The results of examination and treatment of 445 patients with chronic pancreatitis were analyzed. It was established, that 298 (67%) patients had indications for treatment in the conditions of surgical hospital. The patients were divided into three groups according to the modified pancreatitis classification of Marseilles-Rome 1988. There were the(More)
The clinical picture of peptic esophagus strictures in 16 patients with gastro-esophageal reflux was analyzed. The strategy of the combined treatment, including surgery, has been thoroughly substantiated. The method of endoscopic dysphagia elimination has been described. The possibilities and technical features of antireflux gastroesophageal reconstructions(More)
The results of examinations and surgical treatment of 117 patients with chromaffin tumors are shown: one-sided localization in the adrenal in 88% of the patients, bilateral localization in 4.3%, and extraadrenal in 7.7%. An analysis of the possibilities of the laboratory-instrumental diagnosis of chromaffinomas has shown that the method should be used in(More)