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Six elderly psychiatric and 17 mentally handicapped individuals suffering from severe constipation received 3 week periods of treatment with 10 g unrefined bran, three bran biscuits, and Senokot syrup daily or three times weekly. There was no significant difference in the number of bowel movements or enemas or in the consistency of the motions. The results(More)
Two hundred years ago Joseph Cox published his book on the treatment of insanity. His novel technique was rotating the body in a specially designed chair. Initially modest and later extravagant claims were made for the therapeutic benefit of 'Cox's chair'. It was widely adopted in Europe in the first decades of the nineteenth century, but lost favour(More)
The Delusions-Symptoms-States Inventory (DSSI) was administered to 33 chronic non-paranoid schizophrenic patients resident on long-stay wards. It was found that the vast majority of cases (81 per cent) produced symptom patterns conforming to the hierarchy of classes of personal illness model, but with a radically different distribution among the classes(More)
The Clifton Assessment Schedule and the Shortened Stockton Rating Scale were administered to 38 elderly, mentally handicapped patients. Inter-rater reliability was high and the CAS was found to be a useful measure of cognitive ability. The tests measure different features of patients, but both correlated significantly with estimated levels of independence.