A. S. Palmer

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OBJECTIVE To identify the most frequent gender-specific suicide methods in Europe. DESIGN Proportions of seven predominant suicide methods utilised in 16 countries participating in the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) were reported in total and cross-nationally. Relative risk (RR) relating to suicide methods and gender was calculated. To group(More)
OBJECTIVES Cognitive and emotional deficits have been documented in youth with pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD); however, to date, a systematic evaluation of comprehension and memory for verbally presented information has not been conducted. The effect of emotion on comprehension and memory for verbally presented material also has not been examined. We(More)
Transient white and grey mats were observed in depressions and enclosed basins in marine sediment in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica. These patches have not been described in the Antarctic marine environment previously although a similar phenomenon has been described in the Arctic. Our aim was to describe the sediment geochemical and biological(More)
Mitchell Peninsula is located towards the East of the Windmill Islands in eastern Antarctica. It is an ice-free polar desert, and knowledge of its soil microbial taxonomic composition is limited. In this study, we investigated the soil microbial taxonomic composition using multiplex 454 pyrosequencing targeting the bacterial 16S rRNA and the fungal ITS(More)
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