A. S. Maslova

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The interaction of 13,15-N-(3′-hydroxypropyl)cycloimide chlorin p6 (CIC) with normal blood cells and human myeloid leukemia K562 and HL60 cells was studied. CIC was found to be bound by the erythrocyte membrane but did not penetrate into the cytoplasm. It is characterized by a diffuse distribution in the cytoplasm of normal leukocytes, whereas its diffuse(More)
The change of the content of adrenalin was studied in the blood as well as in the aqueous humor of the rabbit's eye after total irradiation with the dose of 800 r. The polarographic method was used for the quantitative determination of the adrenalin content. After total irradiation of the rabbit distinct and regular changes of phasic character take place in(More)
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