A. S. M. Zahid Kausar

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While characterizing the wireless network, it is critical to predict the exact signal propagation paths in an efficient way for three dimensional (3D) indoor environment. In this paper, a new 3D intelligent ray-tracing (IRT) model based on the modified binary angle division (MBAD) technique is presented. The MBAD algorithm can launch the minimum amount of(More)
Although ray tracing based propagation prediction models are popular for indoor radio wave propagation characterization, most of them do not provide an integrated approach for achieving the goal of optimum coverage, which is a key part in designing wireless network. In this paper, an accelerated technique of three-dimensional ray tracing is presented, where(More)
The advent of technology with the increasing use of wireless network has led to the development of Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) to continuously monitor the change of physiological data in a cost efficient manner. As numerous researches on wave propagation characterization have been done in intrabody communication, this study has given emphasis on the(More)
Precise modeling of radio propagation is necessary for experiencing the benefits of wireless technology for indoor environments. Among many modeling techniques, the ray tracing based prediction models become popular for indoor wireless radio propagation characterization. Though the ray tracing models are popular, their key deficiency is the slower(More)
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