A. S. Leopold

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Information on amphibian responses to fire and fuel reduction practices is critically needed due to potential declines of species and the prevalence of new, more intensive fire management practices in North American forests. The goals of this review are to summarize the known and potential effects of fire and fuels management on amphibians and their aquatic(More)
OF THE WORLD: CAPITALISM, THE ENVIRONMENT, AND CROSSING FROM CRISIS TO SUSTAINABILITY by James Gustave Speth; Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 2008; 320 pp., $28.00 hardcover (ISBN 978-0300-13611-1) The fruition of a life of engagement and reflection, James Gustave Speth’s latest book, The Bridge at the Edge of the World, is a passionate and incisive(More)
Phytoestrogens, largely formononetin and genistein, are produced in the leaves of stunted desert annuals in a dry year. When ingested by California quail, these compounds apparently inhibit reproduction and prevent the production of young that will not have adequate food. In a wet year, forbs grow vigorously and phytoestrogenic substances are largely(More)
Translocation could be used as a tool in conservation of the threatened Mojave Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) by moving individuals from harm’s way and into areas where they could contribute to conservation of the species. Numerous factors may affect the success of translocations, including the conditions experienced by tortoises in holding facilities(More)
The long-term risks of pesticides to wildlife in the EU currently are assessed by comparing the lowest no-observed-effect concentration (NOEC) determined from the suite of endpoints measured in existing avian and mammalian laboratory reproduction tests with estimated exposure concentrations by calculating Toxicity to Exposure Ratios (TERs). Regulatory(More)
www.frontiersinecology.org © The Ecological Society of America B the middle of the 19th century, prominent naturalists and ecologists, including George Perkins Marsh, Aldo Leopold, Fairfield Osborn, and Paul Sears, recognized the “life-support” functions of ecosystems. The term “environmental services” was first used in 1970 to describe well-functioning(More)
1 Corresponding author: vwright@fs.fed.us ABSTRACT: On behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), we surveyed agency personnel in 2001 to assess the status and management of invasive plants, exotic animals, and exotic pathogens within the agency’s federally designated wilderness areas. We surveyed wilderness areas because they serve as important(More)
—Effects of wildfire on amphibians are complex, and some species may benefit from the severe disturbance of stand-replacing fire. Boreal Toads (Bufo boreas boreas) in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA increased in occurrence after fires in 2001 and 2003. We used radio telemetry to track adult B. boreas in a mosaic of terrestrial habitats with different(More)
Stakeholders in wilderness, and other public lands, have varying opinions on how well the land management agencies reflect their values and respond to their needs in management, and they therefore vary in their level of commitment and attachment to these places and the activities that occur there. Establishing baseline measures and monitoring indicators of(More)
In the European Union, first-tier assessment of the long-term risk to birds and mammals from pesticides is based on calculation of a deterministic long-term toxicity/exposure ratio (TER(lt)). The ratio is developed from generic herbivores and insectivores and applied to all species. This paper describes two case studies that implement proposed improvements(More)