A-S Ladekjaer-Mikkelsen

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Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) in swine is causally associated with the newly recognised pathogen, porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2). In this study, 3-week-old SPF PCV2-seronegative piglets were inoculated intranasally with PCV2. The effect of immunostimulation on the induction of PMWS was investigated by immunisation with keyhole limpet(More)
The extracellular domains of swine leukocyte antigen class I (SLA-I, major histocompatibility complex protein class I) were cloned and sequenced for two haplotypes (H4 and H7) which do not share any alleles based on serological typing, and which are the most important in Danish farmed pigs. The extracellular domain of SLA-I was connected to porcine beta2(More)
Porcine parvovirus (PPV) is an ubiquitous pathogen causing reproductive failure in swine. Protection against reproductive failure caused by acute PPV infection has commonly been related to the presence of specific antibodies in the dam. However, the role of cell-mediated immunity during chronic PPV infection remains to be elucidated, and may be relevant to(More)
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