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The Web has become versatile tool for almost all application today. The Web mining is an application of data mining. Without the Internet, life would have been almost impossible. The data available on the Web is so voluminous and heterogeneous that it becomes an essential factor to mine this available data to make it presentable & useful pertinent to a(More)
Cerebral aneurysm is defined as a weakened portion of an artery in the brain. Its rupture leads to a specific case of bleeding known as a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Literature indicates that a significant portion of patients suffering from SAH are initially misdiagnosed and subjected to the risks associated with aneurysm re-rupture. Traditional methods(More)
Microelectrodes have been developed over the last few years with tip diameters of 1-10 /spl mu/m, but they are fragile and susceptible to electrical interference. In addition, they are difficult to manufacture and operate, and are often unsuitable for measurement in small volumes of liquid or in soils. This limits their use to specialized laboratories under(More)
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