A S Kostiukova

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It has been shown that tropomodulin 1 is phosphorylated at serine and threonine residues by TRPM7 kinase. The phosphorylation sites for TRPM7 kinase in the N-terminal functional domain of tropomodulin 1 have been identified, which include tropomyosin-binding and actin-capping regions. It has been found that the phosphorylation-mimicking mutation T54E(More)
The protein compositions of archaebacteria (Halobacterium salinarium, Halobacterium volcanii, Halobacterium saccharovorum and Natronobacterium pharaonis 12) flagella have been studied. It was found that flagella of these archaebacterial species are made up of flagellins. The flagellins of H. salinarium, H. volcanii and H. saccharovorum are glycosylated.(More)
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