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Withania somnifera commonly called as Ashwagandha is an important medicinal plant which has become endangered due to over utilization. In respect of endangered status of W. sominfera in vitro culture studies have gained importance for conservation of the plant. Hence, present work avails a rapid and effective protocol for conservation and mass propagation(More)
Flavonoids from Cocos nucifera, Myristica fragrance, Saraka asoka and Garcinia cambogia exerted hypolipidaemic activity in rats. Lipid lowering activity was maximum in rats administered flavonoids (10 mg/kg BW/day) from Garcinia cambogia. A dose response study revealed biphasic activity. Higher doses were less effective in reducing lipid levels in serum and(More)
An enzyme-amperometric detector cell is described for flow analysis of glutamate in dialysate emerging from an implanted microdialysis probe. Its small size allows it to be placed within a few centimetres of the animal preparation, reducing the delay for data acquisition to around 2 min. The selectivity is provided by glutamate oxidase, immobilised with(More)
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