A S Kaplanskiĭ

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Summarized are the results of comparative analysis of morphological changes in rat's skeletal muscles after microgravity and its simulation. On completion of space flight, hindlimb muscles of rats exhibited atrophy developed in space microgravity in consequence of the lack of weight-bearing loads and changes solely in the slow anti-g muscles due to the(More)
The histomorphometric method there was used to study effects of ephedrine, strychnine, and support loads on the atrophy of m. soleus and m. gastrocnemius in rats with load-deprived lower extremities (14-day tail-suspension). Deficiency of support loads on the lower extremities led to atrophy of the muscles, especially the slow m. soleus. Injections of(More)
Histological and biochemical examinations of the adrenals and plasma of rats for 3 months exposed to hypokinesia have shown that low motor activity led to a decrease in blood corticosterone level in spite of adrenal cortex hypertrophy. The decreased corticosterone blood level was not indicative of adrenal exhaustion, as the adrenals produced a greater(More)
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