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Utilizing the two-center convergent close-coupling method, we find a several order of magnitude enhancement in the formation of antihydrogen via antiproton scattering with positronium in an excited state over the ground state. The effect is greatest at the lowest energies considered, which encompass those achievable in experiment. This suggests a practical(More)
Stopping powers of H, He, H2, and H2O targets for antiprotons have been calculated using a convergent close-coupling method. For He and H2 targets electron-electron correlations are fully accounted for using a multiconfiguration approximation. Two-electron processes are included using an independent-event model. The water molecule is described using a(More)
Continuing a study of e s t e r s of F e ru l a ak i t sehkens is B. Fed tsch ex K. -Po l . , by separa t ing the mother l iquor a f te r the isolat ion of aktchenin, aki fer in , ferutin, and ferut inin on a column of s i l ica gel, we have isola ted a subs tance with the composi t ion C24H3406 (I) (M + 418), with m p 176-177°C, [c~]~ +73.1 ° (c 0.82;(More)
I. M.E. Perel'son, Yu. E. Sklyar, N. V. Veselovskaya, and M. G. Pimenov, Khim.-Farm. Zh., No. 3, 78 (1977). 2. H.E. Ermatov, A. I. Ban'kovskii, M. E. Perel'son, G. P. Syrova, and Yu. N. Sheinker, Khim. Prir. Soedin., 79 (L969). 3. M.E. Perel'son, A. I. Ban'kovskii, and N. E. Ermatov, Khim. Prir. Soedin., 703 (1975). 4. L. Caglioti, H. Naef, D. Airogoni, and(More)
Continuing a study of the coumarins of the roots of Fe~la foliosa Lipsky by column chromatography on KSK silica gel we have isolated a coumarin derivative with the composition C=~H~O6 (mol. wt. 418) with mp 240-241°C, [a]~ I +128 ° (c 0.39; pyrldine) whichhas been called foliferin [i]. The IR spectrum of the substance has maxima at 220, 244, 255, 290, and(More)