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Human CG (hCG) is the hormone associated with the maintenance of pregnancy. Although three related glycoprotein hormones, LH, hFSH, and hTSH, are secreted by the pituitary, HCG is the only one of this family of glycoprotein hormones that is produced by the placenta in primates to maintain the steroid hormone secretions of the corpus luteum. Although hCG is(More)
This report describes some of the properties of a clinical-grade preparation of human growth hormone (hGH) extracted from acetone-preserved autopsy human pituitary glands and used in Great Britain from 1967 to 1980. Gel filtration of this hGH on Sephadex G-100 yielded (on a weight basis) an average of 48% of a high molecular weight fraction, 10% of an(More)
A method has been developed for separation and partial purification of four protein hormones from acetone-dried human pituitary glands. The major portion of growth hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and thyroid-stimulating hormone activities are each obtained in a separate fraction. Although the yields of the individual hormones are(More)