A S Guillard

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Two Escherichia coli strains, widely used for the production of various recombinant proteins, were compared for their pre-induction growth and acetate accumulation patterns. The strains studied were E. coli BL21 (lambdaDE3), transformed with a plasmid encoding Pseudomonas exotoxin A, and an E. coli K12 derived strain, JM109, carrying a plasmid encoding(More)
Tomographic images of cerebral blood flow (CBF) and oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) using the 15O continuous inhalation technique, and positron emission tomography, were obtained from a patient with cerebral ischemia distal to an occluded left internal carotid artery. There was a focal mismatch between CBF and oxygen metabolism in the brain supplied by the(More)
We have developed a brief screening test aimed at identifying cognitive disorders in Parkinson's disease. The Mini-Mental Parkinson derives from the Mini-Mental State Examination of Folstein. It includes seven ordered subsections, with a total score of 32. A pilot study was conducted in 50 community-dwelling parkinsonian patients, in order to establish its(More)
A fatal case of systemic carnitine deficiency is reported. The patient suffered from slowly progressive muscle weakness since early childhood. After the age of 17 years her weakness progressed more rapidly until her death at the age of 20. A pregnancy during the last year of the patient's life was followed by rapid deterioration in her condition. An episode(More)
A 26 year old male intravenous drug abuser presented with rapidly progressive paraplegia and total incontinence. CSF examination showed elevated protein level and pleocytosis. HIV testing was positive. Anti CMV titres were mildly elevated in serum and CSF. Death occurred 26 days after the onset of neurological signs. Necrotic and inflammatory lesions with(More)
A 39-year-old patient with AIDS presented with a rapidly progressive myelopathy with a partial Brown-Séquard syndrome. He died, 9 weeks after onset of the first neurological signs, from diffuse encephalopathy. Neuropathological examination revealed multiple, usually small, frequently haemorrhagic, infarcts or various ages and numerous fibrin thrombi in(More)
Four subjects aged between 29 and 60 years were examined because of axial motor impairment after hypoxic brain injury. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed circumscribed lesions of the globus pallidus in every case. The association of freezing of the gait, speech disorders, axial bradykinesia, and postural disturbances, with no rigidity or tremor and little(More)
The fatty acid composition of pork fat determines its processing quality. FTIR spectroscopic methods were evaluated on pork back and breast fat, directly on fat slices and on the fat extracts. Near infrared transmission and middle infrared using an ATR method were developed to determine the fatty acid content in the fat extracts. The results obtained with(More)
As L-Dopa was marketed in France in 1971 for treatment of Parkinson's disease we used 1971 to divide a sample of patients into 2 groups. Group 1 (152 patients) includes patients with diagnosis made before 1971 and group 2 (264 patients) with diagnosis after 1971. The prognostic factors were motor deterioration, intellectual deterioration and death. The(More)
Over a period of 10 years, a 49-year-old man had 3 episodes of recurrent cranial nerve palsy regressing within a few weeks. Each episode was accompanied with acute inaugural headache and diplopia and once with sensory impairment of the trigeminal nerf and once with tinnitus. The diagnosis of Goujerot-Sjögren's syndrome was retained after demonstration of(More)