A S Ferguson

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An analytic solution is derived for the magnetic field generated by current sources located in a piecewise homogeneous volume conductor. A linear discretization approach is used, whereby the surface potential is assumed to be a piecewise linear function over each tessellated surface defining the regions of differing conductivity. The magnetic field is shown(More)
A comprehensive review of factors affecting the accuracy of the boundary element method (BEM) for calculating surface potentials is presented. A relative-error statistic is developed which is only sensitive to calculation errors that could affect the inverse solution for source position, and insensitive to errors that only affect the solution for source(More)
The effect of the surface boundary between free space and a conducting medium on the excitation properties of neurons by magnetic fields is analyzed. The electric field and the spatial derivative of the induced field generated by a coil mounted both parallel and perpendicular to the surface of a semi-infinite conducting medium were calculated using the(More)
The changes in the contractile properties induced by a 30-Hz phasic stimulation paradigm were measured and compared with the changes induced by a 10-Hz continuous stimulation paradigm. The study was performed on the tibialis anterior muscles of cats with one paradigm applied to one hindlimb muscle and the other to the contralateral limb. Both hindlimb(More)
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