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CAPTCHA (or Human Interaction Proof) is now almost a standard security technique for defending against undesirable or malicious bot programs on the Internet. However, the robustness of CAPTCHAs has so far been studied mainly just in communities such as computer vision, and document analysis and recognition. This paper motivates a security engineering(More)
The use of colour in user interfaces is extensive. It is typically a usability issue, and has rarely caused any security concerns. In this article, we show that the use of colours in the design of CAPTCHA, a standard security technology that has found widespread applications in commercial websites, can have interesting but critical implications on both(More)
In this paper, we propose a new design procedure for printed dipole array antennas. Applications of these arrays are devoted to wireless communication systems, mainly base stations and beam steerable antennas. All the designs have been developed at the frequency of 3 GHz. This structure is chosen in order to enhance the gain and minimize the backside(More)
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