A. S. Chakraborty

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Podophyllotoxin (PTOX), the precursor for semi-synthesis of cancer therapeutics like etoposide, teniposide and etophos, is primarily obtained from an endangered medicinal herb, Podophyllum hexandrum Royle. PTOX, a lignan is biosynthetically derived from the phenylpropanoid pathway. The aim of this study is to investigate changes in the P. hexandrum cell(More)
Elicitor-induced natural defense machinery of plants could be proposed as an alternative, non-conventional, and ecologically-friendly approach for plant protection. In this work, the abiotic elicitor, calcium chloride (CaCl2), was used for inducing resistance in tea plants against blister blight disease caused by Exobasidium vexans. Foliar application of(More)
Phosphate availability is a major factor limiting tillering, grain filling vis-à-vis productivity of rice. Rice is often cultivated in soil like red and lateritic or acid, with low soluble phosphate content. To identify the best genotype suitable for these types of soils, P acquisition efficiency was estimated from 108 genotypes. Gobindabhog, Tulaipanji,(More)
In this paper, the design of pre-settable adiabatic flip-flops and sequential circuits based on the newly proposed Energy efficient adiabatic Logic (EEAL) is presented. EEAL is based on differential cascode voltage swing (DCVS) logic, uses only a single sinusoidal source as supply-clock. This not only ensures lower energy dissipation, but also simplifies(More)
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