A. S. Carvalho

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Industrial control systems architectures have been evolving to the decentralization of control tasks. This evolution associated with the time-critical nature of these tasks, increases the dependability requirements for one of their most critical components: the communication system. Therefore, this is an important aspect on the control system design which(More)
Localization is essential to modern autonomous robots in order to enable effective completion of complex tasks over possibly large distances in low structured environments. In this paper, a extended Kalman filter is used in order to implement self-localization. This is done by merging odometry and localization information, when available. The used landmarks(More)
This paper presents the behaviour of a hybrid system based on renewable sources (wind and solar) with their stochastic behaviour and a pre-programmed timed load profile. The goal is the analysis of a small hybrid system in the context of new services that can be offered to the grids as a power generator. Both the sources have continuous maximum power(More)
This paper presents a new method for simulation of power bipolar devices. The method is based on the solution of the Ambipolar Diffusion Equation (ADE) with a finite element (FE) [ 1 ] approach. This one allows analog solutions for ADE through an equivalent electrical network. So the method could constitute the core for power bipolar devices simulation into(More)
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