A. S. Brown

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Pedophiles are motivated to disguise their thoughts and feelings about their sexual beliefs and attraction toward children. New developments using implicit measures of associations have been successful in accessing socially stigmatic beliefs, even in cases in which the participant is resistant to this disclosure. Using an implicit measure, the authors show(More)
The Implicit Association Test was used to measure cognitive associations between children and sex in men convicted of child-sex offences. It was hypothesized that these cognitions would be different in pedophilic-type offenders (defined by having a victim aged less than 12 years) and hebephilic-type offenders (only victims aged 12 to 15 years) such that(More)
Male and female participants were instructed to produce an altered response pattern on an Implicit Association Test measure of gender identity by slowing performance in trials requiring the same response to stimuli designating own gender and self. Participants' faking success was found to be predictable by a measure of slowing relative to unfaked(More)
Although investigators have established that compulsive polydrug abuse adversely affects intellectual efficiency, the effects of prolonged heroin use remain unclear. The issue was assessed by comparing levels of intellectual functioning, as measured by the Raven Progressive Matrices, with expected levels of visual memory, as measured by the Benton Revised(More)
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