A. S. Arjomand

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BACKGROUND A quantitative understanding of human folate metabolism is needed. OBJECTIVE The objective was to quantify and interpret human folate metabolism as it might occur in vivo. DESIGN Adults (n = 13) received 0.5 nmol [(14)C]pteroylmonoglutamate (100 nCi radioactivity) plus 79.5 nmol pteroylmonoglutamate in water orally. (14)C was measured in(More)
The technique of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) is applicable to the analysis of a wide range of trace elemental isotopes. However, in the context of the pharmaceutical industry, it is invariably used to measure radiocarbon (14C). There are two broad modes of application: analysis of total 14C sometimes termed “direct AMS” and analysis of specific(More)
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