A S Antsupova

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Rotaviruses were detected in 58 among 194 children with nonbacterial gastroenteritis whose feces were examined by direct electron microscopy and immune electron microscopy (IEM). Identification of Coxsackie B viruses isolated from patients with infectious-allergic myocarditis by IEM and the neutralization tests gave similar results (Coxsackie B6). Besides,(More)
The findings of epidemiological study of rotavirus infections among children in Gorki over the period of 1981-1985 are analyzed. The age of the patients is specified, as are the disease seasonal patterns and the incidence rates of its manifest and asymptomatic forms, and of carriership cases among healthy children in different foci of this infection.
The results of the 3-year controlled trials of a new method of nonspecific urgent prophylaxis of influenza and acute respiratory diseases (ADR) by immunization of healthy adults with standard live enterovirus oral vaccines, introduced in 2-3 administrations at intervals of 7-10 days, at the initial stages of autumn and winter epidemics are presented.(More)
The clinical virological survey of 180 cardiological patients aged 16-60 years with clinically diagnosed infectious allergic myocarditis (100), rheumatism (38) and other cardiac diseases (42) was made. A group of 97 practically healthy adults aged 21-60 years was used for control. The survey revealed statistically significant differences in the frequency of(More)
The schemes for profiles of migration of RNA segments from human rotaviruses isolated in Gorky city in 1981-1987 are presented. The groups of the "long", "short" and "wide" electrophoretypes were identified. The dominant rotaviral phoretypes are determined. The possibilities of electrophoretyping and prospects of the future research are discussed.
The materials on the epidemiological supervision of poliomyelitis in a large city, carried out in 1972-1981, are presented. Two periods differing in morbidity rate, in the level of population immunity to poliomyelitis and in the activity of the poliovirus circulation are defined. The supervision of poliomyelitis is shown to be capable of influencing the(More)
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