A. S. Amani

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In this paper we present a novel approach for offline Persian/Arabic intelligent word recognition based on the fast and customized dynamic time warping method. The main focus of paper is on Persian language but considering the common character sets and writing styles in both Persian and Arabic, our system could be easily extended to Arabic language. Recent(More)
By applying and increasing the number of physical separate host's requirements, for each operating system, the overall cost of data centers and clusters increase. For this reason, the owners of the physical host use virtualization technologies. Among the main motivations for using virtualization technologies these examples could be mentioned: Reducing arise(More)
One of the major challenges in the cellular networks is to guarantee the quality of service of the ongoing calls by prioritizing them over the new calls. An operative approach to prioritize the hand off calls over the new calls is by reserving bandwidth for the ongoing calls of mobile stations in the potential next cell that they may visit. Improving the(More)
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