A. S. Alekseev

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Our objective in this paper is to examine whether one can use option-implied information to improve the selection of portfolios with a large number of stocks, and to document which aspects of option-implied information are most useful for improving their out-of-sample performance. Portfolio performance is measured in terms of four metrics: volatility,(More)
Photoinduced intra- and intermolecular electron transfer (ET) in thin films of porphyrin-fullerene dyad (P-F) and perylenetetracarboxidiimide (PTCDI) was studied by means of photoelectrical and spectroscopic methods. Films consisting of smooth 100 mol% layers of P-F and PTCDI were prepared by the Langmuir-Schäfer (LS) technique and thermal evaporation,(More)
A series of electron donor-acceptor (DA) dyads, composed of a porphyrin donor and a fullerene acceptor covalently linked with two molecular chains, were used to fabricate solid molecular films with the Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) technique. By means of the LB technique, the DA molecules can be oriented perpendicular to the plane of the substrate. In DHD6ee and(More)
Multistage electron transfer in a film system consisting of a hole-transporting layer (HTL), donor-acceptor pair (D-A), and an electron-transporting layer (ETL) was studied by photovoltage and flash-photolysis techniques. Poly(3-hexylthiophene) (PHT) was used as the HTL, while a symmetric porphyrin-fullerene dyad (P-F) and perylenetetracarboxidiimide(More)
On the example of the forest resource areas located within the territory of the Lisinsky educational and experimental forestry of the St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (SPbGLTU), the influence of the form of the topographical surface on the structure and productivity of the forest and plant cover was studied. Based on the 3D-model of the(More)
Future energy systems will be determined by the increasing relevance of solar and wind energy. Crude oil and gas prices are expected to increase in the long run, and penalties for CO2 emissions will become a relevant economic factor. Solar- and wind-powered electricity will become significantly cheaper, such that hydrogen produced from electrolysis will be(More)
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