A. S. Abdel Rady

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In September 2012, a cutaneous leishmaniasis outbreak began among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. For 948 patients in whom leishmaniasis was not confirmed, we obtained samples for microscopic confirmation and molecular speciation. We identified Leishmania tropica in 85% and L. major in 15% of patients. After 3 months of megulamine antimonite therapy, patients(More)
Edge detection in medical image is an important task for object recognition of the human organs, and it is an essential pre-processing step in medical image segmentation and 3D reconstruction. Successful results of image analysis extremely depend on edge detection. Up to now many edge detection methods have been developed. But, they are sensitive to noise.(More)
the Task Force is to establish a national program for osteoporosis, develop and disseminate national guidelines on osteoporosis and hypovitaminosis D, develop quality assurance protocols for bone mineral density (BMD) measurements and vitamin D assays, generate osteoporosis assessment and treatment protocols using national guidelines and assess disease(More)
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