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Software pipelining is an instruction-level loop scheduling method for achieving high performance fine-grain parallelism on VLIW processors. This paper presents a novel software pipelining method for non-pipelining parallel processors based on integer scaling and retiming transformations. This approach generalises and simplifies the analogous extended(More)
This paper presents an hybridization of particle filter and local search algorithms, called local search particle filter (LSPF), and its application to human-computer interaction. The proposed algorithm combines both sequential Monte Carlo (particle filter - PF) and local search methods to achieve an accurate real-time hand tracking. The system allows to(More)
1 This paper proposes a new fuzzy motion adaptive video deinterlacer. It is based on an orthogonal decomposition of the corresponding fuzzy motion detector into two main modules: a linear spatio-temporal low-pass filter described by two separable 1D FIR filters and two fuzzy modules described by two piecewise-linear saturation functions. The involved fuzzy(More)
This paper presents a work in progress for indoor and outdoor target detection and feature extraction in video sequences. The framework can be applied to AmI systems related to surveillance activities. The system is based on a Local Search Particle Filter (LSPF) algorithm, which tracks a moving target and calculates its bounding box. Possible applications(More)
In the last decade, consumer graphics cards have increased their computing power and capabilities mainly due to the computer games industry. These cards are pro-grammable and capable of processing huge amounts of data in a Streaming Pipelined Architecture. In this situation, 2D convolutions are highly efficient and can be easily mapped on graphics hardware.(More)