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The morphometric analysis of growing cells shows that the membranes of the digestive apparatus have a surface area equal to the cell surface area. After yeast phagocytosis, the surface area of the membrane surrounding the ingested yeast is equal to 40% of the surface area of the cell membrane. In spite of this internalization, the cell surface remains(More)
The effects of starvation on the cell morphology of Dictyostelium discoideum were studied with different cytochemical techniques, and with a morphometric method by which the surface areas of the cell membrane and of the digestive system can be determined. During the first 2 h, the cell membrane becomes very wrinkled and many phagocytic cups and filopods are(More)
Electroplaques dissected from the electric organ of Electrophorus electricus are labeled by tritiated alpha1-isotoxin from Naja nigricollis, a highly selective reagent of the cholinergic (nicotinic) receptor site. Preincubation of the cell with an excess of unlabeled alpha-toxin and with a covalent affinity reagent or labeling in the presence of 10(-4) M(More)
Exposure of macrophages infected with Leishmania mexicana amazonensis to phenazine methosulfate (PMS) resulted in rapid damage and disappearance of the intracellular amastigotes without obvious ill effects to the host cells. The reduction of the percent infection was related to the concentration of PMS and to the duration of the pulse. Most Leishmania(More)
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