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Public packet switching networks are at various stages of development around the world, notably in the U.S., Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Japan. The success of these networks is highly dependent on the use of an agreed-upon standard device-independent interface between the packet networks and the user devices operating in the packet-mode. This(More)
Apart from monographs, textbook publications and publications on websites, scientific studies have also been published concerning the method of condyle position analysis. Determination of the current research status, which can serve as basis for further scientific publications, would therefore be helpful. Accessing the texts published on this subject in(More)
PURPOSE Condylar position analysis facilitates a quantitative comparison of the condylar position with and without a bite record, different records and changed influencing factors. Handling by the examiner when positioning the model is a significant factor with regard to the accuracy of the examination. Measurement accuracy could be improved when(More)
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