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This study examines manufacturer' perceptions of task and emotional conflict in domestic channels of distribution. Both are expected to depend on three antecedents (centralization, esprit de corps, and communication barriers) and to affect performance relative to competitors and manufacturer's satisfaction directly and indirectly through strategy quality.(More)
The 2001 /2002 terror campaign against Israel’s heartland was an unprecedented string of deadly bombing attacks against Israeli civilians. The violence touched the lives of countless Israelis and has negatively affected the general mood of many. The objective of this investigation was to assess the level of exposure to terrorism for individuals residing in(More)
In their effort to improve performance, many voluntary and nonorofit organizations (VNPOs) have turned to market mechanisms, hoping to learn and implement innovative ideas and methods that proved useful in the private sector. This article adopts the businesslike concept of " marketing " into the arena of VNPOs by offering a meta-analysis to assess the(More)
We hypothesized that exposure to Type IV trauma (involving alteration in a person’s basic relation to the environment), associated with prolonged terrorist threats, would impact posttraumatic distress and that exposure to terrorism would impact the intensity of coping. The relationships revealed by the data proved to be in line with this model. Our data(More)
a University of Texas at San Antonio, United States b University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States c Cambridge University, United Kingdom d University of Texas at Austin, United States e University of Manchester, United Kingdom f EM-Lyon Business School, France g Ghent University, Belgium h University of Massachusetts-Amherst, United States i Temple(More)
In the present paper, a comparison among different types of urban mass transport systems, which can be implemented for medium-sized cities, is reported. For each mobility system, advantages and disadvantages, in terms of transport capacity and environmental impact, are highlighted. Then the focus is pointed on the trolley-bus solution. A real case study of(More)
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In the present paper, a project for the application of control in heat pumps for residential and tertiary users are reported. The focus is pointed on the experimental test to validate the algorithms and management policies applies in four experimental sites, residential and tertiary, with different types of electrical equipment. The results of the(More)