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Solitary fibrous tumor (SFT), a benign neoplasm arising in mesenchymal structures, was initially described in the pleura but subsequently has also been documented in other locations. It is uncommon in the orbit, where it closely resembles other benign spindle-shaped mesenchymal tumors of this area such as schwannoma, meningioma or hemangiopericytoma. We(More)
Treatment of patients with acute liver failure (ALF) is unsatisfactory and mortality remains unacceptably high. Blocking NMDA receptors delays or prevents death of rats with ALF. The underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Clarifying these mechanisms will help to design more efficient treatments to increase patient’s survival. The aim of this work was to shed(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The effects of a phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) inhibitor, roflumilast, on bleomycin-induced lung injury were explored in 'preventive' and 'therapeutic' protocols and compared with glucocorticoids. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Roflumilast (1 and 5 mg.kg(-1).d(-1), p.o.) or dexamethasone (2.5 mg.kg(-1).d(-1), p.o.) was given to C57Bl/6J mice(More)
During the 25-year period subsequent to the Chernobyl accident, the morbidity of malignant renal tumors in Ukraine has increased from 4.7 to 10.7 per 100,000 of the total population. Recent studies of our group have shown that increases in morbidity, aggressiveness, and proliferative activity of renal cell carcinomas (RCCs), especially clear-cell renal cell(More)
BACKGROUND Implantation of a retrogradely-shed endometrium during menstruation requires an adequate blood supply. The endometrium has angiogenic potential, and endometriotic lesions grow in areas with a rich vascularization, suggesting that angiogenesis is a prerequisite for endometriosis development. Targeting vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells are often transplanted into inflammatory environments where they are able to survive and modulate host immune responses through a poorly understood mechanism. In this paper we analyzed the responses of MSC to IL-1β: a representative inflammatory mediator. Microarray analysis of MSC treated with IL-1β revealed that this cytokine(More)
In the present work biocompatible quercetin and curcumin nanovesicles were developed as a novel approach to prevent and restore skin tissue defects on chronic cutaneous pathologies. Stable and suitable quercetin- and curcumin-loaded phospholipid vesicles, namely liposomes and penetration enhancer-containing vesicles (PEVs), were prepared. Vesicles were made(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to compare the ability of human CD34(+) hematopoietic stem cells and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to treat myocardial infarction (MI) in a model of permanent left descendent coronary artery (LDA) ligation in nude rats. BACKGROUND Transplantation of human CD34(+) cells and MSC has been proved to be(More)
Previous studies in an experimental mouse model of endometriosis have shown that the dopamine agonist (DA) cabergoline (Cb2) reduces angiogenesis and endometriotic lesions, hypothetically binding to the dopamine receptor type-2 (DRD2). To date, this has not been described in human endometrium and/or endometriotic lesions. Thus, we aimed to investigate the(More)
The present study is focused on the differential diagnosis between radial scar (RS) and tubular carcinoma (TC) using morphometrical and cytophotometrical analysis (static and flow cytometry) of a number of histologically well-established RS cases (17 lesions) compared with 6 early infiltrating small TC with sclerotic stroma and pseudo-RS fields. One case(More)