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Congenital muscular dystrophies due to defects in genes encoding proteins involved in α-dystroglycan (α-DG) glycosylation are a heterogeneous group of muscle disorders variably associated with central nervous system and eye abnormalities. One of the more severe is muscle-eye-brain disease (MEB). Mutations in genes coding for proven or putative(More)
The transition to a circular economy bodes well for a future of environmentally sustainable growth and economic development. The implications and advantages of a shift to a circular economy have been extensively demonstrated by the literature on the subject. What has not been sufficiently investigated is how this paradigm can be enabled through the(More)
Creating a company is an event of great uncertainty and complexity. Many variables are to be considered and trying to predict the future development of the business is particularly important. A set of market and strategic analysis instruments can help entrepreneurs to define and solve problem in the start-up phase and to understand the potentialities of(More)
If one of the aims of TQM is customer satisfaction, we can affirm that with dissatisfied customer quality does not exist, but the positive perception of a product/service cannot ignore quality.It is quality that generates customer satisfaction that leads to a competitive position (Reed et. al, 2000).This research aims to demonstrate how to identify the(More)
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