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The CellDrum technology (The term 'CellDrum technology' includes a couple of slightly different technological setups for measuring lateral mechanical tension in various types of cell monolayers or 3D-tissue constructs) was designed to quantify the contraction rate and mechanical tension of self-exciting cardiac myocytes. Cells were grown either within(More)
BACKGROUND Immune recognition of vascular endothelial cells (EC) has been implicated in allograft rejection, protection against pathogens, and lymphocyte recruitment. However, EC pervade nearly all tissues and predominate in none, complicating any direct test of immune recognition. Here, we examined antigen presentation by EC in vivo by testing immune(More)
Membrane receptors for blood proteases govern the clotting and fibrinolytic cascades, regulate signal transduction and control the growth of mesenchymal cells. Despite their importance in the development of vascular injury, it is unclear whether these mechanisms participate in the generation of an immune response. Here we report that targeting a factor Xa(More)
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