A. Ross Kiester

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We examined the impacts of possible future land development patterns on the biodiversity of a landscape. Our landscape data included a remote sensing derived map of the current habitat of the study area and six maps of future habitat distributions resulting from different land development scenarios. Our species data included lists of all bird, mammal,(More)
In an experimental choice situation, individuals of both sexes of the lizard Anolis auratus choose to associate with a conspecific individual regardless of its sex. Further, individuals of both sexes associate with an individual of A. tropidogaster, a related species. Given the choice between the two species, they choose their own. Given the choice between(More)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Corvallis, Oregon 97333, USA. Voice: 541.754.4476. Email: denis@mail.cor.epa.gov. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Corvallis, Oregon. Current address: 23547 Clark Drive, Philomath, Oregon 97370, USA. National Wildlife Research Centre, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada, Ottawa K1A 0H3, Canada. Pacific(More)
The problem of selecting nature reserves has received increased attention in the literature during the past decade, and a variety of approaches have been promoted for selecting those sites to include in a reserve network. One set of techniques employs heuristic algorithms and thus provides possibly sub-optimal solutions. Another set of models and(More)