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Fifteen patients with atherosclerosis obliterans at the lower limbs, no candidates to revascularizing surgery were submitted to ozone therapy. An improvement statistically significant was noticed in the treatment groups since amputation ratio decreased (26.7%) and the need of pain's surgery procedures (13.3%) in comparison with the control group (46.7 and(More)
We report 72 non-diabetic patients with obliterant atherosclerosis, stadium II, (intermittent claudication). The medium age of these patients was 62 +/- 4.5 years old. They were randomly included into four groups. Three were treated with Ozone: one of them by endovenous way, other intramuscular way, and the last one by rectal way; meanwhile, in the fourth(More)
The present study was designed in order to analyze our experience in surgical treatment of 18 patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm associate to a high surgical risk from 1982 (January-February) to 1988, both included. Selection criteria and surgical technical aspects were established. The patient age ranged from 60 to 82, with an average age of 75 +/-(More)
In order to evaluate the results of the lumbar sympathectomy, we studied 49 patients in the National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery during two years. The hemodynamic tests were performed the day before and one month after the surgical intervention; they included: skin thermometry, measurement of arterial blood flow and resistance in the foot(More)
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