A Romeo Caffé

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We have studied the source and ultrastructural characteristics of ChAT-immunoreactive fibers in the cerebellum of the rat, and the distribution of muscarinic and nicotinic receptors in the cerebellum of the rat, rabbit, cat and monkey, in order to define which of the cerebellar afferents may use ACh as a neurotransmitter, what target structures are they,(More)
In the dorsal and ventral portions of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of the rat numerous cell bodies immunoreactive for vasopressin and neurophysin II were found after colchicin pretreatment. These cells are predominantly multipolar but sometimes also bipolar, and have a width and length of approximately 9 and 16 microns, respectively. In the(More)
PURPOSE Limited integration is consistently observed between subretinal transplants and host retinas. In the current study, an in vitro model system for studying connections forming between two abutting retinas was developed. METHODS Neuroretinas were dissected from normal wild-type (WT) mice and green fluorescent protein (GFP) transgenic mice (obtained(More)
Macroarray analysis was used to compare equal amounts of cDNA from wild-type and rd/rd (retinal degeneration) mice, collected at P90 when photoreceptor degeneration is virtually complete. A stronger signal for the glycolytic enzyme phosphoglucose isomerase (Gpi1) was observed in the rd/rd sample. Extracellularly, Gpi1 may act as a cytokine, independently(More)
PURPOSE To compare in vivo levels, spatial localization, and in vitro secretion of cysteine protease cathepsins and cystatin C (cysC) in the retinal degeneration 1 (rd1) mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa and control (wt) mouse retinas. METHODS The spatial localization, protein contents, cysC levels and cathepsin-B, -S, and -L activities in wt and rd1(More)
The flash electroretinogram (ERG) was used to characterize the scotopic retinal function in a marsupial. Key parameter values of the a- and b-waves of adult male sugar gliders, Petaurus breviceps breviceps, elicited with ganzfeld flashes were determined under dark- and light-adapted conditions. Using standard histological methods, the thicknesses of the(More)
Vasopressin (VP) is synthesized as propressophysin, containing also neurophysin (NP) and C-terminal glycopeptide (CPP), within the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system (HNS). Recently, VP and NP-immunoreactive cells were demonstrated in other rat brain nuclei. Here we report CPP immunoreactivity in perikarya in these nuclei. Within the homozygous Brattleboro(More)
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