A Rodríguez Regal

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INTRODUCTION Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated that there is a genetic factor of susceptibility in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that the environmental factors play an important important role in their development. Smoking is among the environment factors studied. In fact, several studies have established a relationship between smoking and(More)
Qualitative light microscopical observations, morphometric measurements, and cytophotometric values for nucleolar and cytoplasmic RNA were compared in axotomized rat dorsal motor vagal and hypoglossal neurons. These data were correlated with consective cell counts and examination of the peripheral nerves. Vagal neurons showed an early prominent(More)
Pairs of adult rats received [3H]leucine (i.p., 5 microCi/g body weight) 0.25, 1, and 16 h before killing and zero (unoperated control animals) and 1 to 164 days after unilateral cervical vagotomy and hypoglossal neurotomy. Grain counts and morphometric measurements were made on axotomized and uninjured neurons in histoautoradiographs of the medullary(More)
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