A. Robert Schwab

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Episodic-autobiographical memory (AM) is characterized by self-conscious reflection, emotional connotation and mental time travel. Semantic memory (SM) contains context and emotion free general knowledge. The present study specifically aimed at exploring the effect of time on the neural substrates of autobiographical and semantic memory retrieval by(More)
OBJECTIVE Flow mismatch between the supplying artery and the myocardial perfusion region has been observed in patients with internal thoracic artery grafts. Thus coronary flow changes of arterial (internal thoracic artery grafts) and saphenous (saphenous vein grafts) bypass grafts were studied early and late after coronary artery bypass grafting. METHODS(More)
The regulation of programmed cell death in the nervous system of vertebrates is a complex mechanism aimed to remove superfluous or damaged cells. Epileptic seizures can lead to an activation of pathways resulting in neuronal cell death. B-vitamins might have a neuroprotective potential reducing cell death following appropriate stimulation. Here, the role of(More)
Generation and cryopreservation of transgenic mice depend on reliable and continuous production of pre-implantation embryos. To suppress circannual and circadian rhythms driving the physiological and sexual behaviour of free living animals, laboratory animals are housed under standardized conditions. It remains to be elucidated if the artificial climate can(More)
INTRODUCTIONTransgenic mice possess enormous scientific potential. However, the need to maintain breeding stocks to prevent the loss of unique mutants (particularly if they are not in current use for experiments) is a major challenge. Cryopreservation of spermatozoa or preimplantation embryos is a valuable tool to address this issue, with cryopreservation(More)
Genetically modified (GM) animals are unique mutants with an enormous scientific potential. Cryopreservation of pre-implantation embryos or spermatozoa is a common approach for protecting these lines from being lost or to store them in a repository. A mutant line can be taken out of a breeding nucleus only if sufficient numbers of samples with an(More)
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