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INTRODUCTION Shakespeare got it wrong! Love's labor is not lost. Our volume is testimony. It is a labor of love born of an unquenched passion for the art and craft of teaching and its powerful, transformative influence on learning. All of the authors in this second in a series of monographs on teaching and learning commissioned by the National Collegiate(More)
The article aims to explore the progress of technology use in gifted education and highlight the best practices and empirical research in this area. The literature on the use of technology with gifted students and their teachers has been extensive, with articles on best practices, but the empirical research in this area is still emerging. With the(More)
McQueen is a doctoral candidate in educational psychology at Indiana University whose research focuses on societal attitudes of the atypically gendered. Gina L. Clark is a graduate student in the school psychology program at Western Carolina University. Jessica L. Rumsey is a graduate student studying school psychology at the University of Tennessee at(More)
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