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BACKGROUND The role of Helicobacter pylori in chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer disease has now been proven in adults as well as in children. MATERIAL AND METHODS H pylori has been looked for during endoscopy in 130 children suffering from recurrent abdominal pain (78 patients) or other symptoms (52 patients). Biopsy samples were taken from the antrum(More)
BACKGROUND Antenatal manifestation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is uncommon. CASE REPORT A male was born by caesarian section at 34 weeks of GA for hydrops fetalis (HF). Fetal ultrasonography showed hydrops fetalis for the first time at 24 weeks of GA. All investigations were normal, except moderate anemia (Hb: 11.5 g/dl) and important(More)
BACKGROUND Mirror movements are a specific type of synkinesis. The pathogenesis is unknown. Three types have been identified: 1) a hereditary form, 2) a form associated with other neurological diseases, 3) a sporadic form, as is this case. CASE REPORT A girl was born at term after cesarean section for fetal anoxia. Psychomotor development seemed normal,(More)
BACKGROUND Brachial plexopathy is rare in children; it may follow a non-specific respiratory infection or occur after a specific viral disease or immunization. CASE REPORT An 8 year-old girl was admitted suffering from presuppurative acute cervical adenitis. She was given penicillin V, netilmicin and corticosteroids. The adenitis gradually resolved over a(More)
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