A. Ricardo Morales

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The Neurocybernetic Prosthesis (NCP) is a pacemaker-like device that has been designed to provide chronic intermittent vagus nerve stimulation. It is currently under study for the treatment of refractory partial onset epilepsy, and preliminary studies have indicated that partial onset seizures are improved by this therapy. The mechanisms by which it exerts(More)
The paper presents a pair of new conformant planners, CPA pc and CPA ph , based on recent developments in theory of action and change. As an input the planners take a domain description D in action language AL which allows state constraints (non-stratified axioms), together with a set of CNF formulae describing the initial state, and a set of literals(More)
To assess the effects of neonatal seizures on the hypothalamus and to test clinical use of prolactin as a neonatal seizure marker, we studied postictal and recovery baseline serum prolactin levels in 19 neonates whose seizures were classified according to their clinical and EEG features. Postictal prolactin levels were obtained 30 min after the seizure, and(More)
This paper describes our methodology for building conformant planners, which is based on recent advances in the theory of action and change and answer set programming. The development of a planner for a given dynamic domain starts with encoding the knowledge about fluents and actions of the domain as an action theory D of some action language. Our choice in(More)
BACKGROUND The potential problems associated with the use of formalin in histology, such as health hazards, degradation of RNA and cross-linking of proteins are well recognized. We describe the utilization of a formalin-free fixation and processing system for tissue detection of two important biopredictors in breast cancer - estrogen receptor and HER2 - at(More)
In this paper we generalize the notion of approximation of action theories introduced in [13, 26]. We introduce a logic programming based method for constructing approximation of action theories of and prove its sound-ness. We describe an approximation based conformant planner and compare its performance with other state-of-the-art conformant planners.
BACKGROUND Growth hormone-releasing hormone agonists (GHRH-As) stimulate cardiac repair following myocardial infarction (MI) in rats through the activation of the GHRH signaling pathway within the heart. We tested the hypothesis that the administration of GHRH-As prevents ventricular remodeling in a swine subacute MI model. METHODS AND RESULTS Twelve(More)