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The well-known experiments of Nisbett and Wilson lead to the conclusion that we have no introspective access to our decision-making processes. Johansson et al. have recently developed an original protocol consisting in manipulating covertly the relationship between the subjects' intended choice and the outcome they were presented with: in 79.6% of cases,(More)
Mirror thermal noise is one of the fundamental factors limiting the sensitivity of gravitational wave interferometric detectors. Classical Gaussian beams " interrogate " only a small fraction of the mirror surface, and therefore are not well suited to average out fluctuations and minimize the thermal noise. It has been calculated that flat beam profiles(More)
A non-Gaussian, flat-top laser beam profile, also called Mesa Beam Profile, supported by non spherical mirrors known as Mexican Hat (MH) mirrors, has been proposed as a way to depress the mirror thermal noise and thus improve the sensitivity of future interferometric Gravitational Wave detectors, including Advanced LIGO [1]. Non-Gaussian beam configurations(More)
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