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In this article a new method for computing a few smallest (largest) eigenvalues of, symmetric positive definite problem, AX = kBX is presented. This is a kind of an inner–outer iteration method. The implementation of the algorithm has been tested by numerical examples, the results show that the algorithm converges fast and works with high accuracy. 2006(More)
  • A. Refahi, Farjadi Tehrani, Zuheir Mustafa Mohamed
  • 2011
During the last 20 years ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) has been evolving with the latest version published in 2007. Incident Management and Problem Management are two main activities of ITIL service operation framework which handles incidents and their root causes respectively. Service Desk systems are software tools that help IT organizations in(More)
The generalized eigenvalue problem BX AX λ = has special properties when ) , ( B A is a symmetric and positive definite pair. We have recently developed three methods for computing a few smallest (largest) eigenvalues of a symmetric positive definite problem BX AX λ = [2-3-4]. In this article we compared those methods by some numerical examples. keywords:(More)
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