A. Redondo

I. Bover3
J. M. Del Campo2
A. De Juan2
A. Garcia-Arias1
3I. Bover
2J. M. Del Campo
2A. De Juan
1A. Garcia-Arias
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Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death due to gynecological cancer and the 5th cause of death for cancer in women in Europe. Optimal management of patients with ovarian cancer needs the participation of a well-trained multidisciplinary team. In the last few years, we have observed a significant improvement in the knowledge of the molecular biology of(More)
In 2006, under the auspices of The Spanish Research Group for Ovarian Cancer (Spanish initials GEICO), the first "Treatment Guidelines in Ovarian Cancer" were developed and then published in Clinical and Translational Oncology by Poveda Velasco et al. (Clin Transl Oncol 9(5):308-316, 2007). Almost 6 years have elapsed and over this time, we have seen some(More)
Cervical cancer (CC) is the second most common cancer worldwide, strongly linked to high-risk human papilloma virus infection. Although screening programs have led to a relevant reduction in the incidence and mortality due to CC in developed countries, it is still an important cause of mortality in undeveloped countries. Clinical stage is still the most(More)
The purpose of this paper is to show the requirement specification, the architecture and verification of the design of a component for the MSOH processing for transmission systems using a SDH/SONET data stream for STM-0/STS-1 to STM-4/STS-12 signals. Its purpose is to allow the fast design of network elements. This component obtains the count of bit errors(More)
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