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Serum prolactin concentrations and dopamine turnover in the striatum and median eminence were studied in male rats after the administration of estradiol benzoate. The alpha-methyltyrosine-induced reduction of dopamine concentrations in these brain regions was used to evaluate relative rates of turnover. Steady state dopamine concentrations in the median(More)
This policy paper is the seventh in a series of reports on how climate change will create opportunities for specific sectors of the business community and how policy-makers can facilitate those opportunities. Each paper results from one-day workshop discussions that include representatives from key business, academic, and policy sectors of the targeted(More)
Fifteen children with autism were treated with 60 mg d,l-fenfluramine (FEN) or placebo in a double-blind A-B-A protocol followed immediately by double-blind placebo-controlled crossover administration of FEN (total duration 62 weeks). Both biochemical and clinical outcomes were examined. Biochemically, FEN led to an increase in dihydroxyphenylacetic acid(More)
Abstruct-A few thousands of far ultraviolet images of the ionosphere were obtained since December 1986 by the Atmo-spheric/Ionospheric Remote Sensor (AIRS) aboard the Polar BEAR satellite. Fast algorithms for applying automated satellite-attitude, geometric, and photometric corrections to these images were developed, and the first results are discussed. A(More)
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