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Mucosal HIV-1 transmission predominantly results in a single transmitted/founder (T/F) virus establishing infection in the new host despite the generally high genetic diversity of the transmitter virus population. To what extent HIV-1 transmission is a stochastic process or driven by selective forces that allow T/F viruses best to overcome bottlenecks in(More)
gradual increase of water solubility in olivine and orthopyroxene. Our results therefore support the concept that the low-velocity zone may be related to partial melting (1, 2, 6). However, even in the absence of melting, the partitioning of water between olivine and orthopyroxene would strongly depend on depth. The high water solubilities in aluminous(More)
Introduction and workshop welcome 2 Workshop program 4 Data requirements for integrated urban water management 5 Sustainable sanitary systems, health risks and data lacking 12 Uncertainties in measured data in urban drainage 17 Towards robust evaluation of predictive uncertainty: the need for a total error approach 22 Propagating input uncertainties through(More)
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