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We propose an adaptive control law that allows one to identify unstable steady states of the open-loop system in the single-species chemostat model without the knowledge of the growth function. We then show how to use a continuation method to reconstruct the whole graph of the growth function. Two variants, in continuous and discrete time, are presented.(More)
Abstract. This paper studies the bioremediation, in minimal time, of a water resource or reservoir using a single continuous bioreactor. The bioreactor is connected to two pumps, at different locations in the reservoir, that pump polluted water and inject back sufficiently clean water with the same flow rate. This leads to a minimal-time optimal control(More)
A two-degrees of freedom near integrable Hamiltonian which arises in the study of the NonLinear Shrödinger and Sine-Gordon equation is analyzed. The energy momentum bifurcation diagrams and the Fomenko graphs are constructed and reveal the bifurcation values at which the lower dimensional model exhibits instabilities and non-regular orbits of a new type.(More)
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