A. Rao

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Dynamic logic families have been shown to offer performance advantages over traditional CMOS logic. Their operation is based on the use of a clock signal that provides two operation phases: the precharge phase and evaluation phase. The precharge phase is setting the circuit at a predefined initial state while the actual logic response is determined during(More)
Predicting the popularity of items in rating networks is an interesting but challenging problem. This is especially so when an item has first appeared and has received very few ratings. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to predicting the future popularity of new items in rating networks, defining a new bipartite clustering coefficient to predict(More)
This paper describes a system developed to assist in model-based training of minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedures. The key factor motivating the development of the device called CAST (Computer-Assisted Surgical Trainer) is the need to improve the state-of-the-art in teaching laparoscopy, and ultimately achieve better surgical outcomes. CAST's design(More)
There are characteristics of Hadamard matrices that enable an exhaustive search using algorithmic techniques. The search derives primarily from the eigenvalues which are constant after the Hadamard matrix is multiplied by its transpose. Generally this would be a performance concern but there are additional properties that enable the eigen-values to be(More)
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