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During the recent decades, the thickness of the ozone layer over the northern hemisphere has declined by 10 to 40 percent during the winter and spring months. Since ozone is the major barrier protecting the earth from dangerous short wave UV-radiation (UVB), the depletion in the ozone layer consequently increases the amount of UV-radiation reaching the(More)
Infertility is an increasing problem for both individuals and societies. The number of couples seeking treatment for infertility is increasing each year, and public interest seems to be rising along with the new treatment methods and the improving results. Male infertility is also of great interest now that several studies suggest a deterioration in the(More)
In spite of its well-established position as a laboratory animal the guinea-pig’s nutritional requirements are not yet thoroughly understood. It is well known, however, that some typical features make the guinea-pig different from other domestic or experimental animals. The best recognized of these is the need for ascorbic acid, which has made it the(More)
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